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How To Sell A Damaged Home

Selling a Damaged Home can be challenging. Whether you inherited an old house or have experienced some damage to your home, knowing your options when you’re ready to sell is important.

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How To Sell A Damaged Home

Have you recently inherited a house that needs repairs? Are you finding yourself googling “what’s the cost to remove asbestos?” Does your house need renovations but you don’t have the time or money to handle them? Selling your home is hard enough but when you throw in damages like mold, flooding, or even squatters damages, it can be extremely hard to find a buyer when looking to sell a damaged home. 

There are quite a few options you have when facing repairs or renovations to a damaged home. Most of them are going to cost you a pretty penny. Not to mention, these repairs can take weeks or even months to complete. During that time, you’ll still be paying your mortgage or taxes on the home. Sometimes, the best option is to sell your home as-is, and as quickly as possible. Let’s take a look at some of the things you might face as the owner of a damaged home, and how Property Pals can help you out of this tough situation.

What Are Home Damages?

For many of us, our houses are the most valuable thing that we will ever own. So when they become damaged or need repairs, it can be a stressful situation. Not to mention the fact that there are tons of ways that a house can be damaged. Here are some common issues that home buyers are looking out for when shopping for a house.

  • Roofing damage
  • Foundation issues
  • Water damage
  • HVAC System
  • Windows
  • Electric Outlets
  • Appliances

Other larger-scale damage can also be a huge issue. Fire, wind, flooding, and other weather damage can make your house completely unlivable, and therefore, unsellable. Repairs on homes with these types of damages can cost a fortune and take an extremely long time.

Why Selling A Damaged Home Is Difficult

Buying a home is a huge purchase, so when people are looking at their options, they are very unlikely to want to buy a damaged home. Just like the damages will cost you time and money to repair, the same goes for a buyer. Most people won’t want to inherit a bunch of problems.

Speaking of inheriting problems, maybe you inherited yours. A death in the family is already hard, but when you add on the responsibility of selling your family member’s house, it can be too much. Particularly if that house hasn’t been taken care of properly and it comes with damage issues. Selling inherited homes can be difficult due to waiting for repairs, costs of maintaining the property, or issues among family members.

How To Sell a Damaged Home

When it comes to selling your damaged home, it really depends on the extent of the damages, the market, the location, and other factors. If your home has extreme damage, like in the case of flooding or fire damage, it’s unlikely a private owner will be interested in buying it. With extensive damage like this, you have two options. Either restore the property to a condition that will sell or sell it as-is. When selling a home as-is, the buyer agrees to accept the home in its current condition. Even if you do restore your property, you will have to disclose everything you know about the condition of the property. Some buyers may be put off by extensive damages, even if they’re been repaired.

If your home only has mild issues, like roofing damages or old appliances, it might be in your best interest to handle repairs yourself. By fixing these things before putting your house on the market, you will increase the value of your home as well as your chances of selling. Before embarking on this journey, you’ll want to consult a real estate agent to get some advice. You don’t want to put a bunch of money into fixing things if it won’t improve the resale value of your home.

Options For Selling Your Damaged Home

For selling a home with extensive damage, your best bet is to find a real estate investor or company. Companies like Property Pals that buy houses as-is are a great option for those who don’t want to make the repairs themselves. Companies like ours have the cash and experience to take extremely damaged houses and get them back to market condition.

If your house only requires minor fixes and cosmetic upgrades, there are many buyers out there who are looking for “fixer-uppers.” Whether they have a specific taste and want to design their home, they’re looking for investment properties, or just looking to save some money by renovating themselves, these home buyers are who you want to market your property to. 

How Can I Sell My Damaged Home Today?

We offer cash for houses, so you can wipe your hands of all the damages that are stressing you out! Whether you’re facing plumbing issues, roof leaks, water damage, foundation problems, fire damage, or even mold or asbestos, we don’t care. We will buy your house in any condition, saving you time, money, and the stress of selling your damaged home.

If you and your siblings have recently inherited mom and dad’s old house, we will help the whole family get on the same page. Don’t waste your time or cause tension in the family with repairs or updating. Let Property Pals take care of the paperwork. We will even take care of the possessions that your family no longer needs.

If you’re still wondering how to sell a difficult house, Property Pals USA has got you covered! Our goal is to take all the stress and expenses out of the home selling process. If your house needs repairs, leave them to us. We buy hard-to-sell homes as-is.

Take the first step today and request a fair, cash offer on your home now!

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